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"Rather than building their own healthcare capabilities, many operators will partner on care coordination to unlock value."

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Social Determinants of Health Frame New Partnership 

Health isn’t just determined by eating right, staying fit and getting regular check-ups. Evidence is growing that other factors—the social determinants of health—have a huge impact on well-being and healthcare outcomes.   The social determinants of health...

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Mixed-Use Developments in Seniors Housing 

Mixed-use developments are a well-known concept in commercial real estate. However, incorporating seniors housing into a mixed-use development is somewhat of a new concept that is just starting to gain traction. Senior Housing News defines a mixed-use senior living...

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Good Care Transitions Are Not Enough

We have to think about what’s best for this person, this patient, this resident, and carry that expertise throughout the different settings.In today’s value-based care model, the focus is increasingly on incentivizing providers to do what’s truly best for the...

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House Calls Make a Comeback 

A senior living provider in the Northwest forms partnerships with local healthcare groups to bring medical services to the residents’ doorstep.  Imagine this scenario. A resident falls and breaks her arm. Instead of calling an ambulance to rush her to the hospital...

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“There's a huge opportunity for seniors housing to collaborate with home health.”

“Understand what metrics your hospital partners want.”

“Rather than building their own healthcare capabilities, many operators will partner on care coordination to unlock value.”

“Providers are teaming up to assure a seamless, high quality experience”

“If you are not talking the health plan's language, you will be commoditized.”

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