A lot has changed since December 2018, when NIC launched the Senior Care Collaboration microsite, along with its blog, ‘Housing and Healthcare.’ At the time, NIC stated that seniors housing and care leaders should prepare to collaborate with both up- and down-stream healthcare providers, along with other new partners who could help meet evolving demands and market needs.

The site, and the blog, were designed to help leaders in the space, as well as their potential new healthcare and payor partners, familiarize themselves with the trends and market realities that would eventually draw them together in a new value-based care model.

In one of the first posts on this blog, NIC Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor Bob Kramer wrote:

“Players in various healthcare silos and payors, many of whom would have had no interest in sitting down with our sector previously, are beginning to take an active interest in settings that are home to several million frail seniors with multiple chronic conditions and functional needs each day. As we recently argued in the October Insider, it will be necessary in this new environment for the seniors housing and care sector to develop new partnerships, as it collaborates with healthcare organizations, both upstream and downstream, to meet the needs of our residents in a value-based world. There is a lot to consider for anyone who hopes to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by these changes today. Traditional seniors housing and care providers, as well as upstream and downstream healthcare organizations and payors, have a lot to learn about each other, if they are to collaborate. That is why NIC is launching the seniorcare.nic.org microsite.”

The microsite, and the blog, offered a growing list of subscribers a window into the slowly but surely developing trend that Kramer described in his first post. After a year, a May 2019 post pointed to the blog’s growing popularity, as well as to the wealth of information available on the site’s resources page:

“Links to pieces in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Boston Globe, National Law Review, and Forbes, illustrate that the forces behind healthcare partnerships in seniors housing and care are real, and are being watched closely far beyond the sector’s own specialty press. Outlets that specialize in healthcare news are also represented on the resources page. Healthcare publishers such as The American Hospital Association, Becker’s Hospital Review, Fierce Healthcare, Healthcare Insights, Medpage Today, The American Journal of Managed Care, and Healthcare Dive are regularly producing news and commentary that leaders in seniors housing and care should be exposed to, particularly as they consider strategies for collaboration and partnerships with healthcare players.”

Indeed, the trends being tracked and discussed in Housing and Healthcare were real – and appeared to be gaining traction. But, today, largely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the new healthcare partnership trends of 2019 and pre-COVID 2020 have accelerated, with some becoming full-blown ‘new normal’ realities. The idea of partnering, for example, with a telehealth provider, or of collaborating with local healthcare providers to keep residents away from the hospital and the doctor’s office, is no longer experimental or even optional. The idea of evolving alongside healthcare organizations, tech companies, and payors no longer requires a niche microsite and a blog. It is now mainstream.

NIC has determined that there is no longer a need for a microsite devoted to trends in healthcare collaboration. Housing and Healthcare will therefore be incorporated into the main NIC Notes blog, found on nic.org. Every post will be added to the NIC Notes platform, where readers can search for archived posts by relevant terms, including “Healthcare.”

On the NIC Notes blog, NIC will continue to post frequently on the many trends and issues we covered in Housing and Healthcare. We hope that readers who haven’t already done so will subscribe to the NIC Notes blog, where they will find all the insight, news, analysis, interviews, and original content of Housing and Healthcare – and then some.

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