Since its founding in 1991, NIC has seen numerous market changes, recessions, regulatory upheavals, and policy shifts. Today, the seniors housing and care sector is facing another major disruption, brought about by several factors at once. Our healthcare system is moving from a fee-for-service payment and delivery model to a value-based system. Policy is shifting to place risk on providers and reward improved outcomes achieved at lower total cost of care. A new generation of seniors is living longer, will need and demand more effective and coordinated care delivery, and has a different view of what it means to live well as they age.

Players in various healthcare silos and payors, many of whom would have had no interest in sitting down with our sector previously, are beginning to take an active interest in settings that are home to several million frail seniors with multiple chronic conditions and functional needs each day. As we recently argued in the October Insider, it will be necessary in this new environment for the seniors housing and care sector to develop new partnerships, as it collaborates with healthcare organizations, both upstream and downstream, to meet the needs of our residents in a value-based world. There is a lot to consider for anyone who hopes to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by these changes today. Traditional seniors housing and care providers, as well as upstream and downstream healthcare organizations and payors, have a lot to learn about each other, if they are to collaborate. That is why NIC is launching the microsite.

This new microsite is an important part of NIC’s response to the need for collaboration between seniors housing and care and new healthcare partners across the spectrum of care. Through the curation of relevant headlines, op-eds, case studies, white papers, videos, and other materials, this unique microsite will offer a wealth of thought-leadership, news, data, analysis and commentary relevant to this emerging shift in the market. It is designed to inform, and to encourage contributions from leaders across both healthcare and seniors housing and care, particularly on the new “Housing and Healthcare” blog, which is a central component of the site.

The “Housing and Healthcare” blog will feature interviews, original articles and analysis, along with commentary on news items and trends. It is a platform both for NIC to distribute analysis and for contributors to voice their perspectives. NIC’s intent is to encourage an open exchange of ideas, strategies, solutions, and commentary that could help decision makers to navigate the exploration of collaborative partnerships. The more perspectives and voices the blog reflects, the more it will become an essential – and unique – resource.

Recent headlines have announced an accelerating spate of merger and acquisition activity, much of which reflects new partnerships across old silos. Leading journals are already publishing news and analysis on the emerging need to deliver healthcare services to seniors beyond traditional retail and healthcare venues, while news is increasingly breaking of corporate efforts to capture the promise of added value and cost-savings through new value-based partnerships. Every headline to be found on links to a story that is relevant to our sector.

Some organizations are blazing new trails already. The microsite includes case studies that provide for more in-depth and detailed analysis of partnerships that are being tested in today’s markets. Relevant research and analysis will be found on the site for download or will link to host-sites. The site also links to a variety of NIC resources relevant to our central thesis that, in the future, seniors will increasingly demand, technology will increasingly enable, and payors will increasingly pay for healthcare services to be delivered where they live. Current partnerships promise to be only the beginning of a great opportunity for all seniors housing and care providers that are currently home to between 2.5 and 3.0 million seniors.

NIC conferences feature a host of educational sessions and presentations, many of which are highly relevant to the concept of collaboration across housing and healthcare. The 2019 NIC Spring Conference, in particular, will focus on the thesis, and has attracted a small but growing cadre of leaders from the healthcare industry. In service to our mission, NIC made its relevant conference content available on this microsite as well, to help encourage education and the sharing of ideas. Anyone interested in the seniors housing and care industry’s thought-leadership, ideas, and analysis of healthcare collaboration and partnership will value the content now available to them.

The new site is now live and can be explored at NIC also encourages those interested in learning more to consider the upcoming 2019 NIC Spring Conference, which focuses on this topic.